Saudi Arabia, China, and Arab Emirates Own Critical U.S. Energy Infrastructure

The Motiva oil refinery in Port Aurthur Texas is the largest processor of gasoline and diesel in the United States.  The Saudi State owned oil company, Aramco, owns fifty percent of Motiva.  A New York Times article says Saudi ownership in Motiva is “meant to ensure that Saudi Arabia will retain an important market for its crude in the United States at a time when American politicians are declaring their intention to wean the country off imported oil.”

Qatar is one of the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula.   And the only thing the Arabian Peninsula exports more of than oil is Islamic extremism.  But the US government is allowing Qatar to purchase a liquid natural gas (LNG) facility in Port Aurthur Texas.  Like Saudi ownership in Motiva, Qatar’s share of the LNG facility will be State owned.  Also, China’s communist government  has invested nearly a billion dollars in Cheniere Energy’s LNG export facility in Louisiana.

This article about China’s investment in Louisiana, says gas produced by fracking shale reserves is one fourth the cost of gas produced from conventional reserves.  That’s why foreign governments are so interested in acquiring U.S. facilities capable of exporting LNG.

Congressman Randy Cunningham opposed the Clinton administration’s decision to cede control of a U.S. Naval Base to Cosco, a shipping company owned by China’s communist government.  During a speech to Congress, Rep. Cunningham provided evidence of China’s threats to attack Los Angeles, China’s placement of “spies” at ports controlled by Cosco, and China’s use of foreign ports to smuggle illegal immigrants and guns.

Republicans oppose U.S. government ownership of domestic industries, but they support foreign government ownership that threatens our national security.  For example, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are fascist monarchies.  Those who live under monarchies are not considered citizens with rights, they are subjects of the king.  These fascist regimes imprison their subjects if they advocate for a representative government that would secure their unalienable rights.  So it’s reasonable to conclude these fascist regimes will use their influence in the U.S. to subvert our representative government.

During a Senate hearing, Republican Jon Kyl said Saudi Arabia is the “monetary lifeblood of today’s international terrorists”.  So why allow Saudi ownership of U.S. energy infrastructure?  Doing so keeps America dependent on foreign oil, and helps the Saudi State fund a global network of Islamic extremists.

Furthermore, the U.S. doesn’t need Saudi oil because new technology has vastly increased North American reserves of gas and oil.  Obviously, bipartisan leaders only pay lip service to energy independence and national security.  

Republicans say they support free markets.  But based on the “free” market, Aramco, a Saudi State owned company owns half of America’s largest refinery, and the governments of China and Qatar are acquiring U.S. based Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) export facilities.  Apparently, foreign government ownership of U.S. industry is their definition of a free market.  The Saudis use their stake in Motiva as a market for their crude.  Is it more efficient to ship crude from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. instead of using the glut of North American oil?

The point is, free markets have nothing to do with market efficiency or freedom from government intervention.  The term “free market” is a euphemism for managed global markets that serve the strategic interests of monopolistic multinationals their political cronies, who despise the notion of sovereign representative governments and unalienable rights.  That ‘s why State owned companies, which are fronts for totalitarian regimes, are given free reign in the imaginary free market.

Bipartisan leaders allow foreign governments, that pose a threat to our representative government, to control industry critical to U.S. national security.  This could be considered as aiding the enemy, which is a crime punishable by death.

Saudi Arabia has partnered with Communist China and they’re building one of the world’s largest refinery’s in Saudi Arabia.  This partnership of communist and fascist regimes may collapse the U.S. dollar by circumventing a 1973 US/Saudi agreement to price oil in dollars.  Pricing oil in currencies other than the dollar will lead to a steep decline in global demand for dollars, and consequently, a decline in demand for US debt.  This will further devalue the dollar and result in a potentially catastrophic rise of interest rates on US debt.

Click here for info on the Saudi/China partnership.  Saudi Arabia also backing al Qaeda affiliates in Syria, who are trying to overthrow the Assad regime.  According to a UK Telegraph article, Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan offered Russia a secret oil deal to control the world’s oil markets, if Russia would stop supporting Assad.

CSPAN aired a program demonstrating oil’s critical role in U.S. national security.  The program was a “global oil supply disruption simulation” with senior military, intelligence and industry leaders playing the part of presidential cabinet members.  The simulated scenario was a disruption of oil supplies from the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia.

Participants included former Directors of National Intelligence John Negroponte and Stephen Hadley, General Charles Hadley, Admiral Dennis Blair and former CEO of Shell Oil John Hofmeister.  They all concluded that a disruption of oil from Saudi Arabia would be catastrophic for the U.S. economy.  Unfortunately, they emphasize the the development of green energy rather than domestic fossil fuels.  Hmmm? 

President Obama clearly understands oil’s critical role in U.S. security.  During a speech in Dayton Ohio, he said the price of gasoline would go to $12.00 dollars a gallon if Iran closed the Strait of Hormuz.  The following comments come at 2:42 into his speech.

“An even more immediate and direct security threat comes from our dependence on foreign oil.  The price of a barrel of oil is now one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.  Tyrants from Caracas to Tehran use it to prop up their regimes, intimidate the international community, and hold us hostage to a market that is subject to their whims.  If Iran decided to shut down the petroleum rich Strait of Hormuz tomorrow, they believe oil would skyrocket to $300 a barrel in minutes, a price that one speculator predicted would result in  $12-a-gallon gas.”

The good news is, industry experts say U.S. natural gas reserves are equivalent to 3 times the Saudi oil reserves.  T. Boone Pickens cites this information 8 minutes into a speech on the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel.  At 15:50 into the video, Pickens is asked about fracking (hydraulic fracturing).  Mr. Picken’s answer demonstrates the proven safety record of fracking for oil and natural gas.

Pickens said fracking began in 1947 and 800,000 wells have been safely fracked in the Ogallala aquifer, America’s largest water aquifer.  The new technology that has greatly increased American oil and gas reserves, is horizontal drilling.  This is the ability to drill down, turn ninety degrees, and drill long distances horizontally in multiple directions.  The reduces the oil industry’s environmental impact because fewer drilling rigs, and the subsequent wells, can access a far greater quantity of oil and gas. 

Unfortunately, the use of domestic fossil fuels are limited by allegations that manmade CO2 emissions cause global warming.  James Inhofe is the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.  Check out the following links where Senator Inhofe and climate scientists document the fraudulent peer review process behind global warming data.

Politicians who use climate fraud to restrict use of domestic fossil fuels, represent a clear and present danger to U.S. national security.  In addition to climate fraud, most political and industry leaders embrace misinformation portraying fracking as a new technology without a proven safety record.  Big oil companies may see government restrictions on fracking as a way to limit production, thus keeping upward pressure on crude oil prices.  

The following links are related articles on energy:   Cheniere Energy, An Export Company To Know and Qatar Has World In Its Sights For Power Projects.  The article on Cheniere Energy addresses opposing views regarding the export of low cost natural gas, which will drive up the cost for domestic users.  It also mentions legislation that would prevent export of natural gas produced on Federal land.

If energy independence, U.S. competitiveness, and national security are the objective, the solution is fracking domestic oil and gas reserves and limiting exports.  Unfortunately, Federal “clean” energy mandates support wind, solar and electric cars while penalizing our lowest cost domestic energy sources.  Demand the repeal of “clean” energy mandates and incentivize the production of cars that run on natural gas, which is already piped into millions of homes that could be part of a nationwide system of natural gas fueling stations.

Energy sources like wind farms, solar farms and electric cars, require large quantities of lithium for batteries that store energy.  CNBC reported that Afghanistan is the “Saudi Arabia of lithium”, and Chinese State Owned Entities (SOE’s) have started mining in Afghanistan.  Coincidentally, China is one of the largest manufacturers of lithium batteries for electric cars.  So it seems Afghanistan is our first war for “clean” energy and American blood and treasure are  subsidizing China’s booming manufacturing economy, which is powered by fossil fuels.

Many people believe the Iraq war was about oil, and for the most part it was.  But most of Iraq’s oil is going to China.  That’s because many US leaders believe China’s communist economic model is superior to America’s market economy.  Evidence of this can be found in a Wall Street Journal article titled China’s Superior Economic Model.  So the U.S. military was used to subsidize Chinese communism by securing Iraqi oil.  US political and business leaders should be prosecuted for aiding the enemy.

Clean energy mandates force the export of domestic petroleum products and keep America dependent of foreign oil.  U.S. coal exports subsidize China’s communist economic model while clean energy mandates force U.S. citizens to use expensive alternatives. Citizens should contact elected representatives and tell them them to repeal clean energy mandates.  For more on the terrorist threat posed by Saudi Arabia, check out my post on the Saudi funding of ISIS.  For more on climate fraud and “clean” energy, check out my post on Climategate.

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