Sermons: There’s Hope For America, If We Pray and Take Action

Watch this sermon titled “There is hope for America”.  It’s a fourth of July special by Pastor Michael Youssef.  He uses Nehemiah’s example of prayer and action as a template for the American church. Pastor Youssef’s sermon demonstrates how faithful Christians can change America.

Let’s encourage each other by sharing this kind of positive message rather than those predicting America’s inevitable decline.  There is a worldly definition of positive, but Christians are positive because we are children of the God who created heaven and earth.

Dr. Charles Stanley preached a sermon titled “Real Freedom” and then introduced the CEO of Liberty Institute, which works with top law firms to defend religious liberties.  The discussion of legal attacks on religious liberties included an attempt to incarcerate school children for praying in the name of Jesus Christ, and stripping veterans of their right to mention God at funerals.

The speaker, Kelly Shackelford, is first and foremost, an out spoken Christian.  He emphasized the fact that his work is about standing up for Jesus Christ, and with God on our side, winning does not require a large majority of people, winning requires a committed minority willing to stand up for Jesus Christ.  Mr. Shackelford received a standing ovation for his positive message about standing up for religious liberty in America.  

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