Bob Cornuke is a former policeman, S.W.A.T. team member, and F.B.I. investigator.  He also has decades of archaeological experience and has authored ten books.  His latest book titled “Temple”, presents compelling evidence that the Temple Mount, currently under Muslim control is NOT the site of Solomon’s temple.  Mr. Cornuke’s evidence demonstrates that the alleged temple mount is actually the site ancient Rome used to govern the nation of Israel.  And the Wailing Wall a.k.a., Western Wall, is actually part of the protective wall Rome built to defend its administrative site.

The Temple Mount may be the most contested and potentially explosive piece on land on earth.  But if Mr. Cornuke’s evidence is correct, the temples of Solomon and Herod were in the ancient City of David, which means the site is currently under Israeli control.  So the potentially catastrophic dispute over the alleged temple mount may be for nothing, and Israel could begin rebuilding its temple at any time.

Bob Cornuke is well respected among Biblical scholars, and some of the world’s leading scholars believe his scriptural research and conclusions are correct.  Check out Mr. Cornuke’s interview on the television show “Praise the Lord”, which airs on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  The interview begins at 1:02:20 into the program.  Mr. Cornuke’s interview is preceded by an interview with Lee Strobel, former atheist, hedonist, and editor of the Chicago Tribune’s legal section.  Please watch Mr. Strobel tell his story of conversion from a Christ hater to a follower of Christ.  For more info on Bob Cornuke, check out his website.

During another interview with Prophecy in the News, Cornuke went into detail about his research on the site of Israel’s ancient temples.  His archaeological and biblical evidence is compelling and should be of interest to all Christians, especially Americans.  Why?  Islamic leaders say Israel’s attempt to build on the Temple Mount could spark World War III, and US troops may be sent to defend Israel’s prophetic destiny regarding the Temple Mount.

If Mr. Cornuke’s research is correct, it demonstrates the serious consequences resulting from man’s worship of creation over the Creator.  In this case, Palestinian and Jewish obsession with traditional holy sites.  We should remember the apostle John’s vision of the new Jerusalem in Revelation 21:22 And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.  During his interview on Prophecy in the News, Mr. Cornuke presents scriptural references to support his conclusions.


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