Among Pentecostals, Kenneth E. Hagin is one of the most respected Christian leaders in modern times.  Throughout his childhood, Ken suffered from an incurable heart and blood condition that eventually left him paralyzed, and doctors said he did not have long to live.

One day, Ken’s heart stopped three times, and each time he descended to the gates of hell where he was met by a demonic creature.  In the following teaching, Pastor Hagin recounts this experience, which led him to being a born again child of God destined for heaven.  Having experienced the possibility of going to hell, pastor Hagin spent his life zealously spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which presents the only way to avoid eternal separation from God.

Approximately 19 minutes into the video, pastor Hagin talks about a cardiologist who documented the experiences of patients that were revived after their heart stopped.  Then the pastor talks about his own compelling near death experience.

Listen to Dr. Charles Stanley’s inspiring teaching on how to turn a broken life into a blessed life destined for heaven. 

I was raised as a Lutheran but my uncle and grandfather were members of the Assembly of God church, which is Pentecostal, i.e., they practice the spiritual gifts described by the apostle Paul and the second chapter of the book of Acts.

Lester Sumrall was born in New Orleans in 1913.  His mother was a devout Christian but his father was an ungodly man who disliked preachers.  Lester was like his father until he was miraculously healed of tuberculosis at age 17.  At that time Lester left home and began his life as a preacher.  He preached in 119 countries and came to know many of the pioneers of the global Pentecostal revival.  His story is fascinating and has inspired the faith of many Christians.  In the following video he talks about some of the great men of God he knew during his lifetime.

Listen to pastor Sumrall tell the miraculous story of his life in the following videos.  Even if you are an atheist, you will be moved by the remarkable life of pastor Sumrall.

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