Sibel Edmonds Deposition, Espionage, and Newsbud

Sibel Edmonds worked for the FBI from Sept. 2001 till April 2002 when she was fired for reporting to her superiors that one of her FBI colleagues was engaged in espionage against the United States.  Her colleague, Melek Dickerson and her husband Major Douglas Dickerson, employed by U.S. Defense intelligence, were acquiring U.S. nuclear and weapons technology for foreign entities that sold it on the international black market.

The foreign entities were primarily Turkish and Ms. Edmonds was subpoenaed to give her deposition in a case involving Turkish influence in a Ohio Congressional race between David Krikorian and incumbent Jean Schmidt.   The first 7 minutes of the deposition is repeatedly interrupted by attorney objections so I suggest starting at 7 minutes.


There are five parts to Ms. Edmonds deposition and the remaining 3 can be found at YouTube.

Former FBI director Robert Mueller has been appointed Special Counsel in charge of investigating Russian involvement in the last presidential election.  Mr. Mueller was FBI director at the time Ms. Edmonds was fired by the FBI.  No action was taken by director Mueller regarding Sibel’s report of foreign entities engaged in espionage against the United States.  One of these foreign entities is a multi-billion dollar organization run by Turkish Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.  Mr. Gulen currently lives in the United States and has received hundreds of millions of tax dollars to start charter schools in America.

President Trump’s former National Security adviser, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, had been working to expose Gulen’s criminal network.  Gulen’s agenda includes radicalizing Muslim populations in energy rich countries that border Russia.  Like the U.S., Russia is a victim of Islamic terrorism and opposes organizations like Gulen’s because they produce Islamic terrorists.

This is where the plot thickens.  As director of the FBI, Mueller ignored actionable intelligence regarding Gulen’s operation, but as Special Counsel in charge of the Russian investigation, Mueller has targeted General Flynn. Hmmm?

This report by Ms. Edmond’s news organization NEWSBUD, illustrates Mueller’s conflict of interest based on his past failure to take action against Fethullah Gulen.  Court documents pertaining to Gulen’s immigration status in the U.S. also shed light on the CIA’s illegal operations involving Gulen’s network in Central Asia.

After being fired by the FBI, Ms. Edmonds used official channels to address her allegations.  These channels included filing a report with the DOJ Inspector General’s office, contacting appropriate Senate committees, and eventually a lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court.  Even though Senator Chuck Grassley and others called her a “credible witness”, all her efforts were thwarted by a gag order based on the government’s decision to invoke State Secrets Privilege.  This is documented in a story by The American Conservative.

Because of the difficulty in getting accurate information to the public, Sibel Edmonds and others have started a news organization called NEWSBUD.  Their attempt to create a new model for delivering accurate information to the public is not perfect, but it is a useful piece when putting together the information puzzle.

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