Obamacare, the Big Lie

Before the Senate passed Obamacare in December 2009, physician and former chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Howard Dean, said the bill should be “killed”.  Why?  During an interview on MSNBC, he said the healthcare bill was written by Democrat staffers on behalf of insurance companies.  Information from Newsmax, which leans conservative, supports Dr. Dean’s statements.

This Newsmax article says Obamacare gives insurance companies a Trillion dollars of subsidies.  The following excerpts from the article say Obama is promising even more subsidies for insurance companies due to changes in the law, i.e., to cover Obama’s lie that people could keep their policies, the law was changed to subsidize extensions of policies that would have been canceled:

“In an effort to extinguish a firestorm on another issue, the administration has offered to compensate insurers as an incentive for them to extend individual policies that were to have been canceled Jan. 1…

The administration said it could provide financial assistance to certain insurers through a program under which the government will share in their losses and profits for the next three years…

That financial boost would be on top of an estimated $1 trillion in federal subsidies the government already plans to pay insurance carriers to make coverage more affordable for low- and middle-income people.” 

Rush Limbaugh says the government objective is single payer, and he’s correct.  But single payer does not mean government will be the sole provider of healthcare services.  Charles Boorady is co-head of Credit Suisse healthcare investments.  When the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare a Constitutional tax, he said the law would increase healthcare spending by two Trillion dollars and the law will “create winners and losers”.

So when single payer becomes a reality, it will funnel Trillions of dollars into a highly consolidated cartel of price fixing healthcare providers.  Evidence of this came a few days after the Supreme Court ruling when CNBC reported that healthcare giant Wellpoint acquired Amerigroup.  Wellpoint paid 4.9 billion, a 43% premium over the previous trading day’s stock price.  On the same day, Morgan Stanley’s healthcare index was up over 9%.  

CNBC reported that Wellpoint’s acquisition of Amerigroup will significantly increase their share of the healthcare market.  So Obamcare is directly responsible for further consolidation in the healthcare industry, which means less competition and higher prices for consumers.  Oops!  There goes the affordable part of Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act.

Jim Chanos is a hedge fund manager and founder of Kynikos, a large investment firm specializing in short selling.  In a recent interview, he said after looking at Obamacare, “we covered our shorts” because the bill was going to be positive for healthcare providers.  He said the U.S. pays “twice” as much for healthcare than any other country and attributed this to the healthcare industry.

Chanos said the industry gets “over 50% of its revenue” from government, and “they have profit margins twice that of the S&P 500″.  In other words, the health care industry makes profits double that which the market can bear because they receive massive government subsidies.  His comments on healthcare come at 13min 5sec into the interview.

Even though Obama repeatedly said Obamacare was not a tax, the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is Constitutional because it’s a federal tax.  But who controls the federal government?  Is it average citizens who impose their will through elected representatives?  We know members of Congress didn’t read the healthcare bill, so they could not have written the legislation.  Who wrote it?

Before the Senate passed Obamacare in December 2009, former DNC Chair Howard Dean said the bill should be “killed” because it was written by Democrat staffers on behalf of insurance companies.  And the facts from both left and right news sources prove this to be true.

Lobbyists and party staffers wrote the healthcare bill, which means lobbyists have the power to tax.  So the Supreme Court ruling gave socialist corporations and their bipartisan cronies power to tax U.S. citizens.  The DOW rose 277 points the day after the Supreme Court ruling.  In my opinion, traders were celebrating a victory for socialism.

From the beginning, the objective of Obamacare was to create a cartel of price fixing healthcare providers subsidized by taxpayers.  And single payer will give socialist cartels direct access to the U.S. Treasury.

Republican Louie Gohmert, a conservative Congressman from Texas, says insurance companies engage in monopolistic practices because they are exempt from anti-trust law.  Rep. Gohmert said the House voted to remove the exemption but the Senate has not.  If you support the concept of competitive markets, contact your Congressional delegation and tell them to remove the anti-trust exemption. 

Obamacare supporters claim the objective is affordable healthcare for all Americans.  Opponents say it’s a leftist attempt to put the “private” healthcare industry out of business.  We know the left is lying because healthcare is becoming less affordable.  We know the right is lying because they falsely portray the healthcare industry as private, helpless victims of big government.  Private industries do not get over half their revenue from government and make profits double that of the S&P 500.

Obamacare is a prime example of the left and right working together to deceive and rob citizens. They spread half truths intended to divide and conquer citizens on behalf of big government and big business socialists.  As a conservative, I hope my fellow Republicans realize that Rush Limbaugh is playing them for a fool. 

There’s an interesting connection between Obamacare and the fraudulent global warming agenda.  Bill Gates says, in order to save the planet from global warming, the U.S. must reduce CO2 emissions to “near zero”.  In the video below, he presents an equation that will achieve his goal of zero CO2 emissions.  The first factor in his equation is human population.  He said:

“The world today has about 6.8 billion people, and that’s headed up to about 9 billion.  If we do a really great job on vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.”

A little after 4 minutes into the video, Bill Gates says healthcare and vaccines will be used to REDUCE the human population.  Using healthcare to reduce human population is something Nazi Germany would have done.

Bill Gates supports Obamacare, so it’s no surprise that the next link says a form of death panels are part of Obamacare. This article titled “Obama Dooms Seniors to Ravages of Aging”, says seniors will have a lower chance of survival under Obamacare.  The article is addressing section 3000A, which awards bonuses to hospitals that spend the least on elderly patients, and gives demerits to hospitals that spend more on seniors. 

Click on climategate for the truth about global warming.  For real solutions to affordable health care, check out the section on Obamacare in the pdf Knowledge is Power.

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