President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act into law Nov. 6, 1986.  Also known as the Simpson Mazzoli Act, the law gave amnesty to approximately 3 million illegal immigrants.  Now, the U.S. has an estimated 12 million more illegal immigrants residing in the country.

Unfortunately, President Reagan’s immigration reform created an incentive for more illegal immigration.  Was it compassionate to encourage millions of men, women, and children to risk their lives to come here illegally?  Was it compassionate to encourage them to live in legal limbo once they arrived?  I don’t think so.

While being interviewed on Faith Radio, Senate Chaplin Barry Black referred to illegal immigrants as undocumented immigrants.  If an illegal immigrant steals a loaf of bread, are they just an undocumented shopper because they don’t have a receipt as proof of purchase?

Hundreds of thousands of people are currently investing a great deal of time and money while they stand in line to become legal U.S. citizens.  And yet, many Christians believe that illegal immigrants should receive amnesty and citizenship while legal immigrants willingly endure the burden of following the law.  Which includes tax laws that service an exploding 20 Trillion dollar national debt.

How many people have died crossing deserts and oceans because they hoped to receive amnesty via immigration reform?  Many for sure.  Supporters of amnesty for illegal immigrants are directly responsible for incentivizing human trafficking.   If we use the leftist rationale for gun control, we should permanently ban all amnesty for illegal immigrants because it might save the life of one child.

The compassionate response is to consistently and fairly enforce existing immigration law as a means to deter illegal immigration and the resulting human trafficking.  This would save lives and reduce the number of illegal immigrants living in legal limbo.  Repeating the 1986 reform act would only make the problem worse.

Think about it as an individual.  How many people can you take into your home before living conditions deteriorate for everyone?  There’s a limit on the national level as well.  A nation’s first responsibility is to its legal immigrants and citizens, doing otherwise undermines the rule of law and integrity of citizenship. 

A compassionate policy would eliminate the possibility of amnesty.  Then begin a long term deportation plan focusing on those who have criminal records other than being here illegally.  Next, put more resources into helping productive individuals become citizens while reducing spending on welfare for illegal immigrants.  This creates an incentive for those serious about becoming legal U.S. citizens, and provides a deterrent for illegal entry. 

The goal is not to deport 12 million illegals, the goal is to consistently enforce the law in a way that preserves the integrity of our borders, citizenship, and economy.

On January 3, 2014, Jack Martin spoke about immigration reform.  He’s Project Director for FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Jack talked about the powerful and well funded groups advocating for amnesty.  They include big business, unions, ethnic groups, religious groups, and universities.

Jack explained why each group supports amnesty and said “we wouldn’t have a chance in this [amnesty] debate if not for the fact that a majority of public opinion is on our side”.  So never underestimate the power of the people. Contact your elected officials and say no to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Citizens must actively work to repeal policies that subvert our Constitutional Republic.  Talk to your friends and like minded business associates, organize a group dedicated to influencing public officials.  We must get in the game or accept defeat.

The immigration reforms put forth by Obama, Romney, Marco Rubio, etc., are worse than President Reagan’s.  Endless policy reform is part of a  larger pattern where government fails to enforce existing laws, and then uses their failure as a pretext to implement more laws.  Immigration reform, the financial crisis, and 911 are examples of this pattern that endlessly grows government.

In the link below, Republican Don Manzullo said regulators had all the tools necessary to prevent the financial crisis.  But instead of holding government officials responsible for not enforcing existing law, Obama’s finance reform created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  But if there are no consequences for officials who fail to enforce existing law, why would more laws (reforms) be a solution?

The same thing “happened” with 911.  During the Clinton administration, John O’Neill was Director of Counter Terrorism at the FBI.  O’Neill repeatedly warned officials about an al Qaeda attack on U.S. soil,  but they ignored his warnings so O’Neill quit the FBI and became head of security for the World Trade Center.  He was killed in the 911 attack.

PBS did a documentary about O’Neill called The Man Who Knew.  Government failed to act on intelligence that could’ve prevented 911, then used their failure as a pretext to create Homeland Security, NSA wiretapping, the TSA, and other legislation subverting the Bill of Rights.  Likewise, immigration reform is another criminal attack on U.S. sovereignty and the unalienable rights of citizens.

The Wall Street Journal editorializes in favor of illegal immigration.  Why?

By definition, multinational companies are loyal to no country, i.e., they are fundamentally opposed to national sovereignty because it limits opportunities. For example, President Reagan did not allow US multinationals to outsource manufacturing to the Soviet Union for their cheap labor.  The transfer of wealth and technology to the USSR would have subsidized communism.

Prime ministers, US Presidents, and other world leaders have said they are creating a “new world order” via globalization, which is an attack on national sovereignty.  Using immigration reform to undermine economies, borders and citizenship, is part of a global agenda to subvert the sovereignty of nation states.  This subversive agenda is demonstrated by Western leaders who flood their countries with unvetted refugees fleeing ISIS.

The following video contains clips of President George H. W. Bush, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, and others, referring to a “new world order”.  Much of the video is subjective, but given the ungodly direction of our world, we should question the motives of world leaders who are working toward a new world order.

 For more info click on the pdf file Knowledge is Power.